MountainsThe Hymn How Great Thou Art


This is the story of one of the world’s favourite hymns copyrighted by Stuart K. Hine in 1953. Discover how the hymn came to be written and listen to the music.

How Great Thou Art! has been voted, by the viewers of Songs of Praise in Great Britain, The Nation's Favourite Hymn on many occasions.

In America How Great Thou Art! has been recorded by Elvis Presley and many other artists. It became the theme tune for Billy Graham’s weekly Hour of Decision broadcasts and received two Grammy Awards.

Stuart was inspired to write his hymn over a period of fourteen years and first included it in his gospel magazine Grace and Peace on the 15th April 1949. His inspiration came from his own personal experiences in the Carpathian Mountains, and from hearing Ivan Prokhanoff’s Russian hymn Mighty God based on Carl Boberg’s Swedish poem ‘O Store Gud




Stuart K. Hine
Stuart K. Hine
1899 - 1989
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